The Best Foot Spas – Reviews and Comparisons of The Best Foot Spas for Home Use

Choose the Best Home Foot Spa for Your Needs

Whether you are choosing the best foot spa for your own indulgence and relaxation, or looking for the perfect gift – then you’ll find all the information you need right here.

Home foot spas come in 3 main types. A basic model can be yours for under $50. Prices go to up to $200 for a top of the range ionic spa. There are very few other products which let you completely unwind and offer this much value at the same time.


Best Foot Spa – Types of Foot Spa with Examples

You’ll find 3 main types of home foot spa. Within these categories there is a lot of overlap in terms of features – and those little extras which make your experience more luxurious. For many people, the right type of spa jumps out, you’ll see it and know that it is right for you! Do not worry if you are less certain, underneath this section with example of the different spa types there is a list of all the individual features you’ll find in these devices.

Once you have an idea of which features are right for you, finding the best foot spa for your needs becomes much easier.

The categories I use are:

  • Basic bubbling foot spas
  • Foot spas with added massage capability
  • Bigger spas which also massage your lower leg

There are basic to luxury models within each of these categories. You’ll find several well-known brands. Many also come with pedicure capabilities. I have not included ParaSpas (which use hot wax) in this list, though you can find information on these separately here at

Basic Bubbling Foot Spa – The Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights, Bubbles and Heat

This foot spa has a lot of extras when you consider the bargain price. This is one of the most popular units at based on sales. The base is a bubbling spa, with a ‘waterfall’ concept which massages the top of your feet with a stream of water. There is a heater, though this is designed to maintain the temperature of warm water you add for a while – not to heat the water independently.

What you get with the Conair Waterfall foot spa are some welcome extras. These include a pumice stone attachment, massage attachment (which you roll your foot over) and toe-touch controls. If you have ever had a spa which needed you to bend down to adjust the settings each time, you’ll see what a big benefit this can be!

At the time of writing this budget priced model came with a further discount at You can see the full picture gallery, feedback from previous buyers and latest discount on the dedicated product page – check it for yourself now!


For more great value foot spas under $50, see this page. (LINK)

Massaging Foot Spa – Kendal All-In One Foot Spa Bath Massager

Compared to other spas in the mid-priced category, this model from Kendal has excellent buyer feedback. The big difference between this and a budget foot spa is that vibration massage is included (rather than bubbles only). This model will also heat the water, instead of simply maintaining the temperature. This unit is deeper than some, and has one very useful extra – a drainage pipe. This allows you to empty your spa without having to tip it over. It also makes cleaning the unit (which is compatible with herbs and oils) much easier.

Very few models in this category achieve a 4-star overall rating – especially over 100’s of customer reviews. You will also find a healthy discount at (at the time of writing).

You can check out the feedback, full features list and latest discount offer for yourself on the product page.


Alternatively, check out this page for more choices of the best massaging foot spas. (LINK TO CATEGORY PAGE)

Foot and Leg Luxury Spa – Careputic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa

It would be easy to throw around a term line ‘ultimate’, though I can’t think of how this model could be improved! Careputic thought of everything – even a removable container for your herbal spa remedies. This is significantly deeper than regular models, covering your calves. You get a small LCD display, plus preset programs and individual controls. This model has an ozone function as well as the regular bubbles. The massage function can be controlled separately, and the heat can be fine-tuned to get that perfect relaxing temperature.

Buyers leaving comments have a hugely positive view of this model. Some note that the bubbles, jets and waterfall are significantly more powerful than with other models. While this spa has therapeutic uses (hypothermia treatments for example), the main benefit is to add that extra bit of luxury for home users.

See the gallery for this impressive spa, plus read comments from many happy buyers on the product page at now!


Choosing a Foot Spa – Features and Extras

Here is a trick I use to decide on many purchases – and it works great with foot spas. The idea is to browse through this list of key features, and make a mental note of those which are the most important for you. When you have your personalized list, go through once more and pick 3 or 4 which are your top priorities.

Next time you check the reviews, you’ll be able to quickly eliminate those which miss your target list – narrowing the search considerably.

I have divided the features of foot spas into physical characteristics, features and extras – and compatibility.

Physical Characteristics:

Overall Size: Some spas are bigger than others, this can be in length, width or depth. All of them will fit an average size user. If you are larger than average, then make sure you check the dimensions. For depth, an ideal foot spa will cover your feet at least up to the ankles. Look out for models which have mention of the word ‘shallow’ in the comments.

Portability: Closely related to overall size, how important is it to be able to move your spa when filled with water.

Splash Guard: Shallow foot spas can suffer from a lot of splashing. A towel on the floor is a good backup, though if you want a relaxing session without needing to pick up a soggy towel afterwards, keep this in mind!

Where are the Controls? There are 3 types of control panel. Budget spas simply have buttons on a panel either on top or at the side. If you want to adjust while you are relaxing, you’ll need to bend down to do so. Some spas have toe controls, which solve the bending down issue, though can be tricky to use. At the top-end you’ll get a remote control.

Easy to Clean / Drain: The last thing you want after a relaxing session is to struggle to clean your unit. At the mid-range and above you’ll find drainage pipes, which make things much easier. Top end spas have pumps which remove the water for you after use.

Sound / Quietness: This is particularly relevant with massaging foot spas, which can be a little noisy. Look out for comments from previous buyers to get an idea of how quiet your spa is.

Warranty: The best foot spa brands give you a year’s warranty by default.

Features and Extras:

Bubbles / Jets / Waterfalls: All foot spas have some combination of bubbles and water jets. You will find a lot of variation in the strength, different options and combinations of these. Each of the detailed foot spa reviews here at goes into detail on exactly this subject.

Heating Elements: Here it can pay attention to the spec. Some foot spas are designed to heat up the water, while others will simply keep the warm water that you put in warm. A lot of people leave comments about ‘ineffective heaters’ for products which clearly state that they only maintain heat for a while. If you choose a top-end spa, you’ll often get precise temperature control capability.

Ionic / Oxygenating / Ozone Spas: If you want to add a little extra science to the mix, there are plenty of options for gasses along with your bubbles. Some of these detoxifying effects are a little controversial – you should look to do your own research in this area.

Leg Massage Capability: You will find bigger foot spas have the capability to massage your calves in addition to your feet. This can be with water jets or massage attachments.

Add-ons: Even budget spas come with rolling massagers which you run your feet over. There are several other extras in addition to this. Pedicure products including pumice stone or stiff brushes can sometimes be found as attachments.

Compatibility with Other Products:

Can it be used with Oils / Herbs? You will find spa units with special holders for herbal infusions (for easy cleaning). Oils require some planning for the cleaning of your unit after use. There are several products created specially to add herbal remedies and natural oils to your foot spa.

Aromatherapy: Higher end units have aromatherapy units attached separately to the water. This can help with the overall relaxation created by the spa.

Compatibility with Medical Treatments: There are several treatments which can aid the symptoms of medical conditions including diabetes and circulatory issues. You should consult a medical professional before undertaking any form of self-treatment.

Now you have seen a full foot spa features list, you can divide it into ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’. This information, combined with your budget, will give you an idea of the best spa for you.

Prices of the Best Foot Spas – What Can You Expect for Your Money?

To keep things easy, I have divided spas into 3 tiers. These are budget models, mid-range spas and upper-end units. There will be some overlap, since not all models fit neatly into one category. This is especially the case when you consider the generous discounts often offered by

As a guide, here are the price ranges for each type:

Budget / Basic Foot Spa: $30 to $50

Mid-Range / Better Featured Foot Spa: $51 to $100

Top-End / Luxury Foot Spa: $101 to around $225

You’ll get a lot of relaxation and treatment options for a small amount of money. Here is the main feature set and some example spas at each of the price ranges listed.

Budget Foot Spas Overview

A budget spa gives you plenty of opportunities for relaxation – though not so many moving parts or features. What you’ll find at the sub-$50 level are foot spas with bubbles, jets (though not too powerful or moving ones) and massage attachments that you need to move your feet over. Some budget spas are heated. You’ll find that most require you to add hot water, and use their heater to maintain the warmth for the duration of your treatment.

Examples of best-sellers in this category include the Conair Waterfall Spa and Dr. Scholl’s Pedicure Foot Spa. You can compare the best foot spas available for under $50 on this page. (LINK)

Mid-Range Foot Spas Overview

Stepping up a level gives you two major added features. You will get heated spas which can warm up the water – as well as maintaining the temperature at your chosen level. You will also get massage capability. Several models in the mid-price range also add therapeutic extras to the bubbles themselves. This can be via ionizing them (with ozone), or even by adding extra oxygen. At this level, you will also get useful benefits like a drainage pipe and splash guards.

Examples of best-selling models in the mid-price range are the Kendal All-In One Pedicure Foot Spa and the Hot Spa Ultimate 61360. Check out this page which compares foot spa models under $100. (LINK)

Upper Price Range Foot Spas Overview

As you hit the top end models, things go from luxury to simply amazing. What you will immediately notice is that these spas are bigger than the ones at lower prices. This not only helps with splashing – your lower legs can get in on the action too. Expect powerful directional jets, bubbles with adjustable intensity levels and a range of massage capabilities on top. Some models have remote controls – so that you can switch up the program while you sit back and relax. Drainage pipes and compatibility with herbal treatments should come as standard. If you want to sit back and relax in style, upper-end spas make a fantastic investment!

Examples of popular higher-spec foot spas include the Careputic Ozone Leg Massager and the Kendal FBD1023. You can compare the leading models on my dedicated page for foot spas over $100 here. LINK)

Foot Spa Brands – Who Makes the Best Foot Spas

There is a lot of competition between manufacturers of footcare products. Several brands have history and experience in the market – while many no-name upstarts are happy to undercut them on prices, some with quality products.

If you are looking for a trusted name, the brands below are a great starting point.

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