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Find the Right Heated Foot Spa with this Ultimate Guide

Most foot spas have heat, though there are huge differences in how this works – and in the quality of the heating elements.

Basic spas will keep warm the water you add (for a while at least). As you move into the better quality foot spas, they actively heat the water. The best models go one step further and allow you fine control of the temperature.

Heat is a critical factor when it comes to your relaxation. I have never heard anyone talk about enjoying having their feet in cold water! This page gives you a complete guide to the best foot spas with heat. It will show you what to expect at the different budget levels. You will also find out which brands get the best feedback for heating and other key factors.

Below you will find a table featuring spas which have top feedback from buyers – with highlights on what to expect from the heating element of each one. Below that I have added more details of the different models for each budget range, along with a recommendation for each.

Table – The Best Heated Foot Spas of 2017


Top Rated Heated Foot Spas at Different Price Levels

Before I get to the top-rated heated spas, lets clear up something that causes a lot of confusion (at least in the buyer comments at amazon.com!). There are a lot of spas which clearly state in the ‘bullets’ of their main description that they can maintain the heat of hot water you add to them. When you read further, this is usually expanded to say ‘for a while’ (the exact words will vary). Now, every spa with this written seems to have several ‘bad’ reviews because it could not heat up stone cold water…

The solution would be for the manufacturers to be even clearer on this – and for buyers to understand their purchase better.

Here at FootCareFirst.com, you’ll find reliable and unbiased reviews and guides. To make sure that readers are not disappointed with the heating capabilities of their foot spas, I have bolded the relevant information in the summaries of the most popular heated spas below.

Heated Foot Spas – Budget Recommendation – The Dr. Scholl Invigorating Pedicure Bath

This popular budget level spa is a great example of a ’maintain the heat’ only unit. The concept with the Dr. Scholl Pedicure spa is to provide a relaxing foot bath while allowing you to treat your feet in different ways. There are 5 pedicure attachments, plus the bubbling spa and a massage attachment (that you need to roll your feet over).

You will need to fill this unit with warm water yourself. The small heating element then kicks in and stops the water going cold too quickly. Several comments suggest that you get a full 20 minutes before the water is down to room temperature. That is about right for a spa session for most people.


  • Lower Price
  • Extra Pedicure Attachments
  • SMART Heat (maintains hot water for 20 minutes)


  • Shallower Spa
  • No Jets

Check out the Dr. Scholl Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa now – you’ll find the full picture gallery, buyer feedback and latest coupon or discount offers on the dedicated amazon product page.


Mid-Range Heated Foot Spa Recommendation – The Kendal All-In-One Foot Spa Bath Massager

You’ll have no problems maintaining the temperature of your water with this model. In fact, many people mentioned that it continues to heat until the water gets too hot! That part is easily solved (just turn off the heater for a while), leaving you to enjoy the many extras.

There are massage rollers under your feet, oxygenated bubbles and red light therapy too. As well as the gentle soothing bubbles, you get more powerful jets. These are a big step up from the cheaper models, providing a more intensive massage effect.

This unit has a lot of positive reviews, and the heating is singled out for praise by a lot of users. Many people report using this foot bath with Epsom salts and / or tea-tree oil. While there is no separate drainage pipe on this model, it is easy enough to empty and clean.


  • Heats the Water (Starting with warm water is recommended)
  • Jets, O2, and Red Light Therapy
  • Massage Attachments


  • Water Can Get Too Warm
  • Massage Attachments are Manual

The picture gallery for this model at amazon.com includes diagrams of how it treats different parts of your feet. You can check out the generous discount (at the time of writing), and positive user feedback for this popular spa on the dedicated amazon.com product page – check it now!


Upper End Heated Foot Spa Recommendation – Carepeutic Waterfall Foot and Lag Spa Bath Massager

Compared to the models already covered, this heated foot spa is a luxury version. One feature which immediately stands out is the motorized drainage. With most spas, you need to pour out the water yourself after use. With this Carepeuric model there is a pump which does it for you. I double checked the comments from previous buyers and this feature is very effective.

The heating system is ‘from cold’ in this model. You’ll get touch-button precision to get the exact temperature which works best for you. Other features include the ozone therapy, powerful jets and built in container for your herbs. This is a bigger model, so you’ll be able to get that same relaxing spa massage on your lower legs. When you see the specification that you get for the price, it will not be a surprise to see that the feedback from previous buyers is overwhelmingly positive.

Check out the full (impressive) spec, picture gallery and user feedback for yourself now on the amazon.com product page.


Heated Foot Spas – What Else to Expect at Different Price Points

You can find a full list of the features and different factors to look out for when buying a spa on the FootCareFirst.com homepage. This section is an overview of the kind of features you can expect at the different price points. This can help you decide what else is on your ‘must-have’ list in addition to heat!

What to Expect from Budget Heated Foot Spas

You can find products at the entry-level price point which give you a very relaxing foot spa session. You’ll get bubbles, massage attachments and models with different pedicure tools too (ideal for when your feet are soaked and your skin is soft). As I mentioned above, products which heat the water from cold are rare at this price level. Moving massage parts will also need a jump up to the mid-level and beyond. You will find budget heated foot spas which have rotating massagers, or even vibrations.

Look out for models with waterfall attachments along with strong bubbles.

Find out more in the FootCareFirst.com guide to Budget Foot Spas (LINK to <$50 page)

What to Expect in Mid-Range Heated Foot Spas

You’ll get models which heat up the water in the $51 to $100 price bracket – and a lot more besides. You can now expect moving massage attachments, toe-controls and jets to go with your bubbles. There are several variations in this price bracket. Some focus on ozone or oxygen bubbles (for detox), others focus more on the massage capabilities. For many users, this is the sweet spot between price and relaxation – you’ll find some of the most popular foot spas (in terms of number of units sold) in this price bracket.

This detailed guide to Foot Spas under $100 covers the best-selling models in this bracket

What to Expect in Upper End Heated Foot Spas

After the ‘keep it warm’ and ‘warm it up’ features in the 2 price brackets below, the main phrase for this one is ‘fine control’. You find models where you can preset the perfect temperature, or you can have this as part of a preset program. You’ll find the better spas are deeper too. These include massage and / or jets for your lower leg as well as your feet. Some models even include a pump to remove the water after you have finished.

You can find out all about these top-end models in this guide to Premium Heated Foot Spas (LINK TO <$100 Page).