Home Foot Spas

The Types of Home Foot Spa

If you already own a home foot spa, you’ll know just how relaxing they can be. If you are new to this area, then you’ll likely find yourself faced with a lot of choices and options. This page will unravel the complexities of choosing a home foot spa. You’ll find the different options, price points and extra features explained.

The good news is that a nicely spec’d foot spa with heat, bubbles and massage capability need not break the bank. In fact, when you compare the soothing treatments you get (literally!) at the flick of a switch – these units are real bargains!

You’ll see 3 of the best-selling home foot spa models in the table below. These show a cross section of the models available. Below this I have gone into more depth on the types of foot spa machines you can buy.

(table here – Title = Best Home Foot Spas 2017)



Types of Home Foot Spa

Tub / Bucket Foot Spa:

You might call this a foot bath, rather than a spa. Specially designed tubs come with splash guards and (manual) massage attachments like rollers or nodules. A foot soak with salts or oils in hot water is a relaxing experience. The question is how much better could that same experience be if you added bubbles, automatic massage and heat?

To get an idea of what you get for your money with a foot bath tub, check out the Inomata Detox Massage Spa Bucket product page at amazon.com


Basic Bubbling Spa:

At the budget end of the market, you can find spas which treat your feet to the delightful feeling of thousands of tiny bubbles. Some basic models have ‘waterfalls’ (where water is poured on top of your feet), plus massage attachments. At the basic foot spa price-level you can find models which keep the water you add warm for a while – though not models which heat it for you.

You’ll be surprised how low the prices of the entry-level bubbling foot spas get. These are often boosted further by discounts at amazon.com. I recommend the best-selling Conair Waterfall Foot Spa, you can check out the feedback, picture gallery and latest discount on the dedicated amazon.com product page here.


Massaging Home Foot Spas

Rather than attachments which you move your feet over, the next level up of home foot spa includes moving and / or vibrating massage attachments. This is a real jump in the quality of your relaxation session, and usually comes together with spas that have several other features. Most massaging foot spas have bubbles and water jets as a default. I recommend you look out for feedback on the noise levels of massaging foot spas in the buyer comments. There is a lot of variation with this – along with the type of massage offered.

For High-Frequency (vibrating) message – The Kendal All-In-One is a popular choice. This model has been on the best-sellers list for a while now, and for very good reasons. You not only get heat, massage and bubbles, this one also includes heating. This spa is amazing value too. Check out the dedicated product page at amazon.com now for more.


Pedicure Foot Spas

A lot of home foot spas use the term ‘pedicure’ in the title. What most of them mean is that they come with attachments to treat your feet once the spa has softened them up. Examples include pumice stone or stiff brushes. Some pedicure spas are shallow. The concept here is that you can treat your feet while you are enjoying the bubbles or massage.

A popular example of a pedicure home foot spa is the Dr Scholl’s Pedicure Foot Spa This comes with 4 different pedicure attachments – and has impressive feedback from current owners. Check the dedicated product page at amazon.com for the gallery.



This is a different category of spa which uses hot wax to soften and treat your skin. These spas work for your hands, feet and even for your elbows. To use them you melt a wax block, then let it cool to your ideal temperature. You then quickly dip your feet in and out. The effects include younger skin and improved circulation. This type of spa is more commonly associated with commercial salons, though the home-use versions have excellent feedback.

HoMedics have decades of experience in the foot spa’s space, and make the leading home ParaSpas. I recommend the ParaSpa Plus Paraffin Bath, check out the dedicated product page at amazon.com now!


Ozone / Oxygen / Detoxifying Foot Spas

Whether the term ‘detoxifying’ is medically accurate is the subject of fierce debate! Here at FootCareFirst.com, the more important factor is whether you are getting maximum pleasure from your spa. Bubbles which contain ozone, extra oxygen and even spas which use red light or infrared lights are all available.

If you are looking to add that detox element to your relaxing spa sessions, then the Kendal All-In-One (as featured above) is a best-seller in that space. Check out the product page here.


Leg and Foot Spa

At the top end of the price range, you can buy a deeper spa with massage attachments which treat your legs at the same time as your feet. Some of these even have special pumps to empty the water after use. If you would like to improve your circulation in the lower legs, these models can help. For many people, the added luxury of having your calves massaged is plenty enough reason to choose this model.

The Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa is a wonderful example of a deeper home foot spa, with a full range of extras. Check it out here.


How Do Home Foot Spas Work?

This really depends on the model, with everything from a relaxing soak to a full-on detoxifying massage session available. A core feature of most spas are the bubbles and jets. Immersing your feet in these provides almost instant relaxation. You’ll feel yourself unwind from your lower legs upward. Any ‘tickling’ sensation is short-lived, the sensation is more like a mini-jacuzzi for your feet!

You’ll need to fill your spa with water. While some models heat, it is faster to add warm water. Upper-end models are deeper and come with splash-guards. If you choose a value model instead then a towel underneath will catch any spills. Many people add tea-tree oil or Epsom salts to the water. Some spas come with attachments for herbs, or even full aromatherapy add-ons.

On average, your spa session will last 20 minutes – enough time for you to completely relax. The warm water and bubbles soften your feet. Massage attachments (both automatic and the manual type you move over) begin to feel wonderful as you unwind. Some people enjoy the detoxifying elements of their foot spas. While the exact mechanisms by which your body detoxifies are controversial – red light and oxygen therapy foot spas remain very popular.

After you finish, simply tip out the water – wipe away any oils you used or residue – and your spa will be ready for you next time around. Higher priced spas come with drainage pipes, or even pumps to remove the water for you.

Key Benefits of a Home Foot Spa

Many people think of the relaxation aspect of using a foot spa being the only benefit. There is no doubt that this is a big factor – though it is not the only one. What first time users quickly understand is that it is not just relaxation for the feet. Your focus will be on the feet, though the relaxation is all-over. You’ll literally feel your muscles untense.

There are many medical uses of foot spas. You need to work with a doctor or health professional on this. Circulatory issues are the main factor, including uses for those with diabetes or recovering from surgery.

Detoxification is a more controversial area. Some people are big proponents of this, while others dismiss it as nonsense. You can find popular foot spas with red light and ozone components. Both are designed to promote the detox aspect. Oils, salts and herbs can help with this.

Home Foot Spa Brands

Here are the leading foot spa brands, along with a summary of what distinguishes them.

HoMedics: This company was formed in Michigan in 1987, and creates massage and air purification equipment as well as an impressive range of foot spas. Best-selling models include heated spas with pedicure attachments – for example the FB-600 Foot Spa. You also find budget spas in the HoMedics range. For example, the FB-50 gives you a basic bubble and massage attachment spa, without the expensive extras. You can find out more on this dedicated HoMedics Foot Spas page.